Thursday, May 31, 2007

4 Paws Kingdom Trip

The pups did well on the trip to 4 Paws Kingdom in North Carolina. They all fit in the Tahoe put most of our luggage in the back of Josh's (my brother) truck, otherwise we would have had to get one of those totes that go ontop of your dogs did well on the trip, we stopped every two hours, so it turned into about 10 to 11 hr drive all together.

Griffin & Kane got along great with all the other pups....Trinity didn't like new pups entering "her dogpark" so I had to put her on leash until they met, and after that she was fine. Harley was great, except for one incident, there was a little australian male pup, about his age, and Harley kept humping/dominating him, so we had to put him on leash once. All in all, everything went well.

We stayed in the cabin and it was $69 a night, didn't think that was to bad, they also had air conditioning, so we were thankful for that. So far noone has come down with any sickness, I am crossing my fingers that continues. As far as the cleanliness of the was super clean except for the pond, but I don't think they want to put any chemicals in it. It was great for the dogs, but not really for humans. They had 7 dogparks, 16 acres of hiking trails, dog bath house, pavillion with wifi access...and everyone was sooooo nice. I will deffinatly go back.

The owner told me that there was 56 dogs there, but it really wasn't crowded. I don't know if allot of people stayed in the ac because of the heat, or if the place is just so big that it didn't seem crowded. It was very nice though, and a great experience for the pups.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Our Four Pupkids

Here is a picture I made of our four pupkids. We just love them to pieces.