Thursday, December 22, 2005

Trinity Lady Love (Lovie)

Lovie now has a full name. We are naming her Trinity Lady Love, for the following reasons. Trinity is Three divine persons, it means completion..Like Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Lady after her Mom Nina Sweatheart Lady. Love because of the heart placed so perfectly on her chest. We love her to pieces already and don't even have her home yet. We are looking forward to the day we get to hold her in our arms. Trinity we love you!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

New member to our family.....

I would like to introduce a new member to our family, Lovie. She is an adorable little blue dane that I am purchasing off my one of my best friends Lisa. For now Lovie is her nickname, but Jason and I are working on a perfect name for her. Lovie will always stay with her though, it truly fits her, she even wears a heart on her chest. Jason and I are soooo excited to get her. At the first of the year we will be welcoming her to our home. Last night I told Griffin and Kane all about it. They may not have understood, but they sure seemed to little Lovie "We love you and can't wait till you can fill our house with all your love. Kisses to from your new Mommy and Daddy and Big brothers Griffin & Kane."

Monday, December 19, 2005

Dog Risers!!!!

My cousin Nate surprised us with the best wedding present ever, customized dog risers for our boys. He put so much time and thought into these risers and it really shows. The boys really love them, and so do we. They have these huge bowls now, nomore knocking food all over the floor, spilling water. They are as sturdy as ever. We are just overwelmed with how wonderful they turned out. THANKS NATE!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Horses Are Home!!

I would like to introduce two more of our kids. Their names are Nicki and Sonny. Nicki is a 5 yr old Dun Quarter Horse Mare and Sonny is a 5 yr old Shire Draft Horse Gelding. We moved into our house in July 2005 and got our barn built in October 2005 and now we have completed the barn and this past weekend the horses came to join us at our home.

We are so happy to look out our back window and see Nicki and Sonny just standing there in our backyard. Its wonderful!!! The boys don't know what to think yet, they still bark and not sure what they are doing out there, but soon they will get used to them, as they do everything else.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Griffins Birthday Party!!!

Griffin will be turning 1 yrs old on December 18th. He shared a birthday party with his cousin Titan (weimaraner) he turned 2 yrs old on December 1st.

The birthday party was on December 10th.
Griffins Mommy made puppy carrot peanutbutter cakes and Titans Mommy had yogurt bites to eat with the cake.
Griffin, Titan, Libby (Vizsla), and Kane had lots of fun playing all afternoon and after everyone got settled down it was time for cake and icecream.
Griffin and Titan had their own cakes, which Titan and Libby (Titans sister) ate out of one and Griffin and Kane ate out of the other. Griffin and Kane didn't mind there birthday hats to much, but Titan and Libby didn't want much part in them. :-) All in all it was a wonderful day for the birthday boys!!!