Thursday, December 22, 2005

Trinity Lady Love (Lovie)

Lovie now has a full name. We are naming her Trinity Lady Love, for the following reasons. Trinity is Three divine persons, it means completion..Like Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Lady after her Mom Nina Sweatheart Lady. Love because of the heart placed so perfectly on her chest. We love her to pieces already and don't even have her home yet. We are looking forward to the day we get to hold her in our arms. Trinity we love you!!!!!!


Danes global said...

What a great way to start the NEw Year! To the beginning of creating a lifetime of memories with your three babies!!!!!! : )

DowneyDanes said...

Heidi, We are sooooo excited you chose us to get a dane from. You and Jason are terrfic parents. We are so happy. Trinity is bonding well with the bigger pups, so she will be very happy to meet her older brothers. We love you guys!!
Lisa & Trinity

philharolds6331 said...
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