Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pray for Nicki

We had a terrible mishap yesterday at our farm. While Jason and I were at work, my quarter horse "Nicki" got caught up in the hay elevator, that we had butted right up to the back of the barn, and gashed herself up in many places and laid her chest/belly area wide open.

Jason went to feed them there supper last night and came into the house, and said "you have to call the vet, Nicki is hurt" I instantly called the vet and told them what Jason had told me and I was second in the list on emergency call. We called the vet around 5:30 and they showed up at 7:00. Two vets ended up coming out. They sedated her, cleaned up all he wounds, gave her a tetanus, antibiotic, and pan killer. The vet said that she has already got infection, it is a deep, long, wide gash. He was unable to stitch, since the skin was already dead and infection already begun. So he sterilized the cut, removed all the dead skin, and crimped (maybe not correct word use) the veins off so she would stop bleeding since they wasn't able to stitch her wound. She is one 6400 mg antibiotics twice a day and 1 mg of butte twice a day. I am so worried for my baby. Please everyone say a prayer for her in hopes she will be strong and get through this


Anonymous said...

I just read about Nicki and I will add you and your family to my paryers. I know how you are feeling, several yrs. ago my belgian mare was hit by a mini van. Totalled the van and a serious leg injury to my girl. But luckliy with wonderful medical care, a whole mess of love, hugs and kisses and countless hours of prayer and faith and she has a scar, a stiff leg now and again but she has thrived and is as beautiful as ever. I wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

How is Nicki doing? I am just getting to read about it now on Oct 23. I am sure she is doing well but feel bad for her.

Hugs to Nicki and the 3 DANES.

Elizabeth and MIss Katie =O)