Thursday, January 04, 2007

Its been a while since I have given an update. On Dec. 18th was Griffins birthday, we threw a party for him on Dec. 16th with all his pupper friends. He got lots of yummy treats and cake. I just can't believe he is two already.
Trinity is doing wonderful. She has proven to us that she can run the house now and not get into anything, so now she is running with Griffin. She is maturing so quickly.

Kane on the otherhand is doing wonderful as far as his health, but we found out he is the chewer of the family. Of course we feel horrible leaving him in the kennel while the other two get the run of the house, so we placed kongs, toys, and chewys all over the house, put sheets on the end tables and coffee table, and turn Animal Planet on when we leave. So far that has worked for him, so we hope the progress only gets better.

Cheeto got an allergy test done, we are still awaiting the results. Soon I have a feeling we will have to be totally changing his diet. His allergies are so bad he is making his skin bleed by pulling his hair out. And we just can't keep giving him steroid shots all the time to make the itching stop, its just not healthy.

Christmas was a bit of a let down, we had planned to go to Michigan snowmobiling and there is no snow to speak of. Since we had made all of our Christmas gatherings before Christmas, in hopes we would head up north, we had noone to spend Christmas with. But we had a funfilled day with the puppers.

New Years was nice, we had a cookout at our place and had some of our friends over, the dogs just behaved wonderfully, they picked their favorite person and stuck with them the whole Then Jan 2nd, back to work for us.

All in all everything is going wonderfully!!!

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