Monday, April 02, 2007

New Member to the Family

Hey everyone, Jason and I have some new news to pass on to everyone. Jason has always had a love for Olde English Bulldogs. Jason has wanted one since childhood, but never had the right oppurtunity to own one. When we were at the Pet Expo we saw one and he just fell in love with it. All the way home for Virginia to Ohio, he talked about how he would love to have a bulldog. So when we got home he started searching on the net and talking to breeders and found a little boy he just fell in love with. So Friday night we drove to Fort Wayne, IN to meet the breeder and brought our new member home.
He has cute as can be and all the other puppers just seem to love him. Trinity took to him right away, Kane likes him almost to much to where when he trys to play, sometimes he is to rough, but is learning. Griffin to a little longer than the other two to warm up, but now he is really accepting him as a part of the family. Cheeto even seems to tolerate him real ...

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Anonymous said...

hi, Heidi, your p site is most interesting the photos are great. especially the music. real impressive. your new pet looks like he will be a big fellow at the pet expo phot the black dane with the chai on it s chest was also a nice looking dog you do know the chai is jewis for good luck his symbol was so well positioned. now that was one lucky pup. I have black danes too they are babies. a year old my little girl still is not familiar with the word NO.! now tonight when the guys have their card game. the dogs get so excited. it is unreal you would think that they were given new play toys. actually the men who come are sort of afraid of my dogs to a larlge degree. ha.ha. told t hem I taught her that game especially for protection. she has a tendency to swat the ball and go for a home run sometimes a double. Iknowt hat is not proper. but considering the circumstance. better they keep their distanc. you have quite a place out tthere. it sure looks cold though. thanks for posting your blog. ( not that I know what a blog even is.? but I am an old lady I hear the word but not familiar with the meaning. well mine are telling me it is time to take them out thanks for sharing your site what did you name the new baby. now for the crate the best is MidAtlantic Co. yo co.brand colossil crate from the MIdatlantic crate co. you can get them on Cherrybrook you can look it up on the web. they are the cheapest in price that I know of. and sturdy great crate, have dealt with them for years. more then 15 years. good prices. best in the area. bye helene