Thursday, July 06, 2006

Griffins Big Day

Griffin has a big day on July 5th. I have made an appointment for him to take a test, if he passes this test, he will be on his way to be a certified Therapy dog. I am so excited. I am sure this will be something Griffin and I can both enjoy. I found out that there is a group of people that go to all the nursing homes and hospitals with in a certain mile range of were I live and visit a place once to twice a month and there dogs visit the patients. If Griffin passes we will to them become a member of this group. The other exciting thing it that my Grandma is going to share the enjoyment with me. I am so nervous for Griffins big day. If he knew about it I am sure he would be
P.S. Mommy loves you Griffin I am sure you will do fine.

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