Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I just wanted to give everyone an update on Snickers situation. Snickers is a rescue cat Jason and I have had as a member of our family for about 3 years now. We just love her to pieces, but ever since we have welcomed Kane and Trinity into our family, she has been stressed out to the max. She is afraid to come downstairs, she starves for attention, and just not a healthy environment for her. Jason and I have talked over and over about what would be the best for Snickers. Jason and I would hate to see her go, but don't think its fair to keep in her that type of stressful enviroment being 7 years old either.

Grandma and I went to a nursing home visit with Griffin yesterday and an idea just struck me right across the face. My Grandma is like my Mom to me, her and I are VERY close. She is fighting cancer and also taking care of my uncle, who is slow. So she has a VERY stressful life. My Grandma used to have a cat, when my Dad was little and she talks about that cat (Kathy) all the time. So I talked to Grandma about Snickers situation and offered Snickers to Grandma. She had told me that she would love to have her, but afraid what Grandpa might say.

Yesterday afternoon Grandma went home and nothing but 1 hr later she calls me up in high spirits and says that Grandpa says that she can welcome Snickers into their family. She immediatly had a pen and paper to write down all the items needed for Snickers to feel at home with them and off to the petstore she went. I have never seen my Grandma so happy in such a long time. I am heartbroke that Snickers will be leaving us, but at the same time, so happy to see such a smile on Grandma's face. She is already talking about making her a special bed and making toys for her with catnip. Grandma will be over tonight to pick Snickers up.

I just wanted to pass this short story along about Snickers, our loving little furbaby.

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helene( said...

you have a very lovely home and your pup is a cutie pie. he appears to be a young one. your gesture to give Snickers to your Grandmother was a very selfless kind deed for sure you will be blessed. you make one cat and one older lady thrilled. in a way that only she will be able to tell you down the road. she now has a reason to feel wanted and loved. an important feeling as as one gets older this feeling disapates. more often and is not re kindled you did a very nice act of kindness for both. sincerely helene. the old great dane lady. from NJ.