Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wonderful Evening!

Last night I came home from work and feed the pups their supper, and as I was looking out the back window I seen Nicki (my Quarter Horse) just staring at me. Just fealt like for a second we connected. After the pups were through with supper I went to the barn and got Nicki's halter and lead. Usually Nicki gives me a bit of a hard time when I try and catch her, but not today. She came right up to me and slipped her head right in the halter. So I got Nicki out and we took a short ride down the field. By the time we got to the other end of the field and turned around, I looked off in the distance and could just see the sun beginning to set. We stopped and just enjoyed the peace and quiet and the beautiful scenery. I layed my head on Nicki's main and gave her a big hug around the neck. Granted I have had Nicki for almost 6 years now, but just at that very moment it just seemed like we connected like never before. I realized that I need to be taking more time out to spend with her, even if its just for a 10 min ride. Last night was just a wonderful evening! Nicki I love you!!!!

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