Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

My weekend was just wonderful! Friday Me, Griffin, Brianna, and Titan all went to the Pet Store and had a blast. Titan and Griffin got along wonderfully, which really surprised me. Griffin went up to a little girl and gave her a big kiss across the face and the poor girl didn't know what to think, but Griffin's tail was going 100 mph....lol

Saturday I spent most of the day with the pups. Kane and I went to a car show down the road at an ice cream place. Kane had his very first ice cream cone. He wasn't to sure about it, he made me spoon feed it to him. Everyone got a kick out of that. He got hot real quick, so we weren't there to awful long and headed back home to Griffin and Trinity.

Sunday we headed out about 10:15 a.m. to the Dog Park for a wonderful afternoon of playing with other pups and a yummy cookout. Suprising enough Kane was the best behaved. For some reason Griffin fealt that he had to dominate another husky and tried mounting him, I don't know why he did that for sure. And Trinity, she is a story in herself...lol....We all got there early, Nate and Brianna went and they took there to dogs, Titan and Libby. None of us knew how our dogs would act for sure, so we wanted to get there before anyone else. Wonderfully enough they all acted great, but since we got there before anyone else did, Trinity must have thought she could run the joint...lol....she inspected every dog that came through the door, if she didn't like them she would bark at them, but if she did like the she would wage her tail and wanna play. Towards the end of the afternoon she was quit the agrivated little girl, so anyone that would come in her little area of shade was sorry...lol...so needless to say she was on the leash for the remainder of about 1/2 hr before we left. Overall we all had a blast.

Monday we spent the morning with the pups, I took them a ride in the vehicle up town, they always love that. Then around 3:30 we headed to Jasons parents for a cookout and motorcycle ride. Got home around 6:30 and we were all tired for the rest of the evening.

I have to admit I have had the most fun this weekend than I have had in a long time.

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