Friday, July 22, 2005

Griffin Nigel Blue

Griffin is our Blue Male Great Dane that was born in December of 2004. I will tell a short story on how we decided on the breed of a Great Dane. Jason and I were living in a house up town and decided that if we wanted a dog we had better get one soon, because we would be in our new house in summer of 2005. So we both sat down and researched many breeds. Our specs where, it had to be short hair, get along with cats and kids, fairly good watch dog, and very personable with a family. We went to many different sites and the breed that kept popping up was GREAT DANE.

So I went on the computer and couldn't find the perfect pup that was within driving distance from us, then I ended up calling my Mom up and telling her our problem. She subscribes to Dogfancy Magazine and found a breeder from Michigan. We called him up and he had our little Griffin that we have been searching so hard for. After waiting for 3 weeks to get him, we drove 2 1/2 to go and pick him up. It was love at first site. The picture to the right is Griffin at 6 wks. old.

Griffin is such a great dog, he has a wonderful personality, loves to cuddle, and is a wonderful watch dog. The picture to the left is Griffin at 3 months old after just waking up in the morning.

Griffin loves his toys, everytime Jason and I go shopping it seems as though we are coming home with a new toy for our little boy. This is a picture of him and his new toy raccoon.

As you can see our Griffin loves to take peaceful..... :-) The picture on the right he is 3 months old and the picture on the left he is 7 months old.

Griffin loves to pose for the camera. Here is a picture of him at 6 months and I think he looks so handsome.

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