Friday, July 22, 2005

Kane Starlight Sabin

We have an adorable Fawn Male Born in March of 2005. We decided on getting him after seeing Griffin so lonely, he needed a play buddy. So I got back on the internet on and found a wonderful breeder in Michigan by the name of Anita Morley. The picture to the left is Kane at 5 1/2 weeks old.

Kane has a totally different personality than Griffin, but I think that's what makes them get along so wonderfully. Kane is very independent and dominant. Just a comparison, Griffin sleeps on the bed, Kane sleeps under the bed. Kane has started doing a very funny thing, when you point at him he starts barking at you and gets all worked up. He must figure that you are trying to be dominant over him, its quit funny. The picture to the right is Kane at 3 months old, he just got his ears rolled.

Right now Kane is almost the size of Griffin at 4 months old. I believe when Kane is 6 months old he will have by passed Griffin in height and defiantly weight. The picture to the left is Kane at 4 months of age laying on his loveseat.

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