Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bloat Support Group

There is a group of people that have come together as a community of dog owners and fanciers, to support each other financially in a very small and very unique way, should the malady that we call “Bloat” hit their household in one of their beloved pets.This list is a membership list and is a new concept of support for each other like no other. We here are all concerned for one another and desire to be a support emotionally and financially.You must visit the temporary page first at: http://www.daystardanes.com/bloatsupportgroup.htm or email the manager, daystardanes@excite.com, for details. Then, if all goes well and you decide this is for you to commit to this group and move forward in joining this community, you will join this restricted group and become a part of this community that one day may change your life and minister to your heart and to your family in a way you could never believe possible.

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