Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pray For Nina

Trinities Mommy Nina went in for a simple spay surgery and it has taken a turn for the worst. In the evening at home she managed to take her e-collar off and take her stitches out in the middle of the night. Lisa ran her to the vets first thing in the morning to get her stitched back up. The vet stitched her back up and assured her that everything was ok. They wanted to keep her for the weekend for observation, still assuring Lisa that all was fine. Poor Lisa got Nina back yesterday and everything is not fine. Nina has an open incision so big that you could fit a softball in it and the vets sent her home that way. I am praying from the bottom of my heart that Nina is ok, Lisa and Charlie I love you both and I wish you the best. I can't imagine the horrible feeling that has come over you and the feeling of helplessness. If there is anything I can do, I am only a phone call away. Please anyone that reads this message please pray for our baby girl Nina.

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