Friday, January 20, 2006

Trinities Ear Crop

Trinity is back from the vets and doing just wonderful. She acts as though nothing has happened. I took her home, thinking I would have the guard her with my life to keep the boys from playing with her, but the minute I put her down, they knew that something was wrong. They both just layed down beside her and looked at her ears. But before you know it she is ontop of Griffin chewing on his ear. So the task that I am having now is actually keeping her from playing with them, I thought it was going to be other way

They vet that cropped her ears is my cousin, his name is Dr. Robert Cope. He also cropped Griffins ears. He does a wonderful job! I have no doubts that hers with turn out as beautiful as Griffins. So all in all she is handling it wonderful and she gets her stitches out next thursday. Then we are on the home stretch. She is a tough little girl, this girl can handle most anything, even better than the

*Kisses to Trinity from Mommy, Lisa, and Alex*

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