Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Years

I couldn't of asked for a better start to the New Years. My brother Josh and I traveled to Maryland to meet two wonderful friends of mine that I met on the Downey Dane Group. Its amazing how many wonderful people you can meet just by having dogs. I have been talking to Lisa and Alex on the group for a long time and always wanted all of us to meet in person, and we finally did on New Years eve. Couldn't have spent it with with better people. It was sad though, Jason was planning on coming, but Griffin got sick and my brother and I ended up going. Then Jason ended up getting sick also. Poor hunny!! :-(

The other wonderful thing that happened, was that I also got to meet the new member to our family "Trinity". Lisa and Charlie brought her from Virginia and met us at Alex and John's house in Maryland. I was so happy to finally have little Trinity in my arms. She is such a wonderful pup. The boys get along great with her also. Couldn't have asked for a better New Years.

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