Thursday, November 10, 2005

Meet the Dog Sitter!!

We are taking a short vacation over Christmas break and about 6 months ago I was discussing this with my hairstylest. Well she referred me to a dog sitter that lived in town. So I called up about about 1 1/2 months ago and she told me that she would love to watch them, but she would like to meet them first. So I called her up when we got back from the honeymoon and thought it would be a good time to go take a visit. She told me that she had two kids, a boy and a girl, and she wanted to make sure they all got along just fine.

So we went over to her house, which is a big beautiful house in town, with a huge backyard. We walked up to the front door and she welcomed all of us into her house. At first we all stayed in one big family room to see how they would react. They ran around with there tail wagging and got along with the kids just wonderfully. So at that point we opened up the door to the whole house. We all sat down in the tv room while Griffin and Kane explored. Ellen (the dogsitter) showed Griffin and Kane were the bedrooms where and the back door to go the bathroom. Ellen was running around the house deciding on all of the things that she has to move and change to better suit the boys, I thought that was so awsome. She even said that they could sleep in her bed. Another great thing, is that she works at the local vet clinic, so if there is any emergencys, she won't have any problems getting them help right away.

I was a bit sceptical about leaving our boys with anyone, but they all got along wonderfully, she seems like a super person, they all just clicked. And I ended up finding out that my family and Jason knows her family. So I am sooo excited that we were blessed to find her. She will be so perfect for them, when/if we take a vacation. They played so much at the dogsitters, the only thing they wanted to do when they got home is sleep. Don't think I could have handpicked a better person to take of our boys. :-)

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