Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day Mommy stayed home with us and Daddy went to work. Mommy was taking pictures of us and playing with us all morning, we had so much fun.

Mommy put these funny things on our head and we didn't know why. I think they were toys strapped to our heads, so we chased each other around trying to play with each others toys.

That was lots of fun.

Grandma gave Mommy the bandannas we are wearing, we like them a lot. Personally we both think we look handsome. :-)

So we were posing pretty for Mommy so she could get some handsome pics of us. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with Mommy.


Danes global said...

They look so handsome! I love the pictures!!!!!

rusty said...

Hello There, the latest cute addition is so, so beautiful.
We Wish you all the very best,
and Hope the new year brings lots of Laughter, a little extra drool, and home full of fune. I am getting ready to contract the talented cousin to order my own Riser.